Jun 13th France Dedicated Servers

Every who want save money when purchasing server what buy cheaper dedicated server in France, but not all know about our new location in Paris with 1GBPS Port connection, our servers has backup option with free 100GB. Each server can have additional IP up to 16 ip's  and higher tariffs up to 64 ip's.Servers has Free AntiDDOS protection powered by ... Read More »

Jun 7th Paypal payment system always easy and safety.

Paypal is a leader of Credit Card payment system, now you can pay our service from Paypal. For using Paypal you must register your account, just put your name, email, phone it's only one time. For next time you must just enter your login and passwd and choose your credit card for payment or pay from Paypal balance. You can pay for all out services ... Read More »

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