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Dedicated with 10GBPS Port

Dedicated server with 10GBPS.

Starting at
399.00 /mo

UK Dedicated 100Mbps - 10Gbps

Best uk dedicated servers in England with 100MBPS and 1GBPS port.

Starting at
61.00 /mo

Cheap KVM VPS in Amsterdam (NL)

VPS in Netherlands

Starting at
2.30 /mo

KVM VPS in EU, UA, US - 8 Cities

VPS in Netherlands, Latvia, CZ, Bulgaria, Ukraine, USA, Singapore

Starting at
4.50 /mo

NVMe VPS in 9 countries

High Frequency 3GHz+ NVMe VPS

Starting at
7.00 /mo

KVM SSD Cloud Servers 15 location.

SSD Cloud Servers 15 location: EU, USA, Asia, Oceania.

Starting at
6.00 /mo

Guarantees for You

Learn why we are trusted by many clients worldwides

Bandwidth Connectivity

1GBPS, 10GBPS, 20GBPS, 100GBPS, 200GBPS, 300GBPS dedicated server in EU, USA, ASIA.


Flexible Month to Month terms available. Competitive pricing.


Non Oversubscribed Dedicated bandwidth. Tier1 and Tier2 Bandwidth. Massive 20+Tbps backbone.

High Uptime Guaranteed

Our Data Centers has N+ 1 backup generator and 2N UPS power back-up to ensure maximum availability.

Security & Compliance

We provide the highest level of security and compliance through a multi-layered security protocol.

We are here to help

Please open ticket or send your question through contact us page. We will help you with your question.

High Performance

Fast deployment,flexible service and custom options. We use only High performance equipment, Cisco and Dell.

Content Delivery Network

Speed up your website by distributing it globally and serving it to your visitors from the closest location for faster page load speeds wherever they are.

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Jun 7th

Paypal payment system always easy and safety.

Jun 7th

Paysera payment system for European customers who pay with SEPA

Jun 2nd

Validated security DNSSEC for QIS

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